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Lyndsey didn't know that the movement and poses of yoga would turn into a 15 year practice that would act as a workout in her teens, ground her in her 20’s and would eventually guide her into a loved teaching career in her 30’s.

Lyndsey takes an anatomical approach to alignment in her vinyasa yoga classes. She teaches in Boston, Massachusetts finding herself in awe of the body and all its moving parts. Her favorite part is sharing the new things she learns about the body and movement with her students.Through her teaching she inspires future yogis, like her teachers have inspired her, to find stillness of mind, strength of body and peace within their hearts.

Audrey has always been into fast-paced yet mindful sports like martial arts, gymnastics, and dance and she found yoga in 2013 when she was seeking new, healing ways to exercise. What Audrey loves about yoga the most is how each pose gives rise to new feelings in the body and mind which is what makes each practice so purposeful and powerful. Hip Hop music and dancing is also powerful, engaging, and fun. It is Audrey's pleasure to bring yoga and hip hop together on Thursdays to let your body have some fun and walk out being more centered and empowered than when you came in. 

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Alena has been practicing yoga since 2010, and in 2013 received her 200 hour certification specializing in vinyasa. She has studied biology, nutrition, and physical therapy at Simmons college in Boston, where she received her bachelor's degree in 2012. The heightened awareness Alena experiences through her practice is what continually draws her back to the mat. She is passionate about sharing the positive effects yoga has has upon her own life and helping others to discover these benefits for themselves as well. Alena's in-depth knowledge of alignment, anatomy, and esoteric scripture are reflected in her authentic and fun approach to teaching, and students love her challenging yet relaxing sequences. Above all, Alena is extremely dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for her students that fosters and supports internal focus and exploration of the body, mind, and spirit for yogis of all levels.

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